Archaeological area of Segesta, Segesta
Archaeological area of Segesta, Segesta
Archaeological area of Segesta, Segesta


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The archaeological site of Segesta is a favourite destination for archaeological tourism in the province of Trapani, in that the theatre and the temple represent the elements of greatest charm, but we must not forget that another important attraction of the archaeological site of Segesta is represented by the shrine, located in Mango district, outside the city walls and built in the sixth century BC. The real reasons that led the people of Segesta to construct the shrine are unknown. It is of considerable proportions, but we know nothing about its cultural destination.

In the archaeological site of Segesta there is also an Agora and the House of Navarca, which was a residential building of great value due to the decorations contained in it.

We must remember that the city of Segesta was founded in the fifth century BC by the Elymians, a people whose origins are still little known, and the city experienced various vicissitudes and wars ending with the destruction of the city by the Vandals in the fifth century AD.
In the last 1000 years, in the present archaeological site of Segesta, eras and historical periods have been stratified and can be read like a book recounting the past of Sicily and the Sicilians.

In 2009 the Regional Province of Trapani sponsored a survey to determine the level of accessibility for people in wheelchairs of the archaeological site of Segesta. In particular, the area of Segesta provides paths specifically for wheelchair users and allows cars which have people with disabilities on board to travel down a road that leads up to the temple, in which an iron pathway has been created.

Still on the subject of accessibility, in recent years several structural measures have been made, which involved the removal of architectural barriers, which have not spoilt the charm of the archaeological site of Segesta.

For the many visitors, the area has a restaurant seating 260 inside and 200 outside. The car park is 5000 square feet. There is a train station not far from the park.

Opening Times and pricing

Winter (October April): 9.00 - 17.00.
Summer (May September): 9.00 - 19.00

Entry fee:
9,00 Adults
€ 4,50 Young (18 - 25 years old)
Free: Children and over 65

Tel. +39 0924 955841




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