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XI theater show XI theater show "LO STAGNONE" in Marsala

Place: marsala
From: 10/12/2017 To: 22/04/2018

14/11/2017 - Again this year, the "Sipario" Theater Company directed by Vito Scarpitta organizes for the winter season an entertaining theater show featuring billboards of prose performances with well-known authors and actors known to the general public. Venue of the performances will be the Teatro Empire of Marsala, a structure that is capable of accommodating up to 600 spectators; so it is the natural stage for first-rate events. It will begin on Sunday D"> ...

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Naturalistic paths of Erice Naturalistic paths of Erice

Place: erice
From: 27/09/2015 To: 27/09/2050

24/09/2015 - For tourists or even for simple residents, who are lovers of trekking and hiking in the great outdoors, to Sunday, September 27, 2015, there will be more opportunity; In fact, on that date were inaugurated nell´agroericino two nature trails, which wind through the mountain, reaching the summit. The town of Erice has already developed signs, thanks to a project, which is called "Trekking Tourism", involving the Gal Elimos, as the party leader and"> ...

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Photo Exhibition in San Vito lo Capo Photo Exhibition in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 27/06/2015 To: 24/06/2020

24/06/2015 - Renato Zero singing "The Best Years of Our Lives" is the motto with which San Vito Lo Capo comes alive in an exhibition, full of emotions and memories, dedicated to the seventies. Saturday, June 27, at 19, there will be the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the presence of Mayor Matteo Rizzo, at the premises of the Tourist Office of the seaside town. With this event entitled "We guys in San Vito in the 70s", and that all tourists can not vis"> ...

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Museum of the woven in San Vito lo Capo Museum of the woven in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 17/06/2015 To: 17/06/2020

17/06/2015 - A tip for the many tourists, who already crowded these days of early summer our region, is to visit the museum which is located in the equipped dell´Intreccio Uzzo (Zingaro Nature Reserve) near S. Vito Lo Capo. To create a museum space, furnished in an old house, renovated with European funding, to exhibit artifacts of daily life once woven plant fibers, is really an original idea, because it tells these objects with the arts and crafts, "> ...

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Exhibition at the Museum of the Sea of ​​Marettimo Exhibition at the Museum of the Sea of ​​Marettimo

Place: marettimo
From: 23/10/2014 To: 23/10/2020

23/10/2014 - In the beautiful and unspoilt island of Marettimo you can admire the characteristic exhibition "Here and there by the sea", dedicated to the ancient activities of local fishermen. It could not be put to another contribution of the islanders, seeing that the practice of fishing has its roots in the early colonization of the most dist"> ...

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Coral exhibition at Pepoli Museum Coral exhibition at Pepoli Museum

Place: trapani
From: 06/03/2014 To: 06/03/2020

06/03/2014 - The history of Trapani and the craftsmanship of corallai is set within the walls of the Museum Interdisciplinary " Agostino Pepoli ." Between civilian and military uniforms of the period of Garibaldi , the guillotine used for the putting to death of the local criminals , weapons, marble busts , paintings, sacred o"> ...

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Salt pans and salt museum Salt pans and salt museum

Place: trapani
From: 27/01/2014 To: 27/01/2020

27/01/2014 - Visiting Trapani , one of the things that tourists can not miss are some of the WWF Salt Reserve of Trapani , which was established in 1995 and entrusted to the management of the WWF Italy . The protected area , hanging in the towns of Trapani , has a total area of ​​about 1000 hectares. The salt marshes for their high environmental value are subjected to several constraints of protection : the last of 4 April 2011, when the Ministry "> ...

happening now

The scream and the light: meeting with Caravaggio The scream and the light: meeting with Caravaggio

Place: trapani
From: 21/01/2018 To: 21/01/2018

15/01/2018 - Caravaggio returns to the province of Trapani thanks to an exhibition entitled "The Scream and the Light: meeting with Caravaggio", which will be held Sunday, January 21 at 18.00 at the Hotel Tirreno (Erice-Pizzolungo). The exhibition recounts the creative journey undertaken by the great Lombard artist Michelangelo Merisi, known as Il Caravaggio, through the exhibition of 31 masterpieces displayed in five thematic rooms. The title is very signi"> ...

future event

Concert for the epiphany 2017 Concert for the epiphany 2017

Place: trapani
From: 06/01/2017 To: 06/01/2017

20/12/2017 - After the great Christmas events, including flea markets, cribs and inevitable food and wine festivals, the city of Trapani closes the holidays with a very special concert. Protagonists will be some guys from Trapani who have formed a band called "Nova Igre": New Game. The group proposes a musical genre with a thousand-year history as an expression of a gypsy culture, which has its roots in the distant Middle Ages, when the long journey of the "> ...

2017 Christmas a´ Chiazza Trapani 2017 Christmas a´ Chiazza Trapani

Place: trapani
From: 19/12/2017 To: 23/12/2017

14/12/2017 - For the second year in a row, the "Natale a ´Chiazza" event, organized by the Agorà association in collaboration with the Enchè Luglio Musicale Trapanese and with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Trapani, returns. The Agorà association, founded in 2016, is made up of a group of young people who are interested in the territory and have made themselves available to create a series of Christmas events to brighten up the holidays to the inhabi"> ...

Christmas wine at Christmas time Christmas wine at Christmas time

Place: marsala
From: 15/12/2017 To: 17/12/2017

13/12/2017 - Great Christmas party in Marsala in the name of wine and it could not be otherwise because the city of Lilliput is considered the capital of wine. An event that will take place from 15 to 17 December under the banner of Sicilian food and wine and has as its location the eighteenth-century Palazzo Fici overlooking the historic Via XI Maggio. It is not the usual food and wine event, which is often done in our territory, but the event will involve"> ...

2017 Spincia days in Custonaci 2017 Spincia days in Custonaci

Place: custonaci
From: 06/12/2017 To: 10/12/2017

04/12/2017 - In addition to the live Nativity scene in the Mangiapane Cave, Custonaci organizes another classic pre-Christmas appointment under the banner of good traditional pastry, which Spincia Days, which will be held from 6 to 10 December. For several years this event has been renewed with the sweet that more than any other represents the Christmas of our parts, even if in recent times in view of a tourism seasonality sphinxes are repeated even in summe"> ...

The Living Crib of Custonaci - Christmas 2017 The Living Crib of Custonaci - Christmas 2017

Place: custonaci
From: 25/12/2017 To: 07/01/2018

01/12/2017 - One of the stages that you can not miss out on visiting the various Christmas events is definitely the Living Crib of Custonaci, which is set up by the local cultural association Living Museum of Custonaci, which celebrates this year´s 34 years of activity. The place where Nativity is displayed is as always the Grotto of Mangiapane in the village of Scurati (Custonaci), which from 25 December to 7 January 2018 will attract many visitors, especia"> ...

2017 EricéNatale In the village of the Presepi 2017 EricéNatale In the village of the Presepi

Place: erice
From: 08/12/2017 To: 07/12/2017

29/11/2017 - On Friday, December 8th, another edition of the "EricèNatale" event, a container of events that will take place in the medieval hamlet until January 8th, which is among the 10 finalists contributing to the ambitious recognition of "Capitale della Italian Culture 2018 ". If Erice turns out to be the winner, he will win a million euros from the Mibact to realize the project presented and will be able to spend these money, which does not fall under"> ...

The Bible in the Park in Valderice The Bible in the Park in Valderice

Place: trapani
From: 23/12/2017 To: 07/01/2018

23/11/2017 - One of the traditional Christmas events in the territory of Trapani is "the Bible in the Park", which this year will celebrate its 21st edition since in 1997 a group of inhabitants of the Valdericine hamlet of Misericordia decided to form an association to promote the territory with events and initiatives of a social, cultural, religious and natural character. This manifestation, which represents the primary commitment of the Pro Misericordia as"> ...

Medieval Trapani - historic reenactment Manfredi di Trinacria Medieval Trapani - historic reenactment Manfredi di Trinacria

Place: trapani
From: 09/11/2017 To: 12/11/2017

02/11/2017 - Again this year will be the historic re-enactment of the arrival and death in Trapani of Manfredi d´Aragona with Father Federico III, king of Sicily, and Eleonora d´Angiò. From the 9th to the 12th of November 2017 with the sixth edition of this historic event, the 700th anniversary of this arrival in the city will be particularly remembered by the royal family, who unfortunately lived on the 9th of November 1317 the premature disappearance of th"> ...

Festival of Porcini Mushrooms 2017 - Buseto Palizzolo Festival of Porcini Mushrooms 2017 - Buseto Palizzolo

Place: Buseto Palizzolo
From: 27/10/2017 To: 29/10/2017

17/10/2017 - With the beginning of autumn, for the fourth consecutive year, the appointment with the porcini mushrooms of Buseto Palizzolo will host the festival from October 27th to 29th with a series of side events such as exhibitions, tastings and cooking shows. To be honest, the porcini fungus is not a characteristic of the cuisine of our parts, because thanks to the proximity to the sea typical dishes are made with seafood but in recent years the fungus"> ...

Orientering in Erice Orientering in Erice

Place: erice
From: 03/11/2017 To: 03/11/2017

12/10/2017 - It will be coming to Erice on the 3rd November, a stop of the five or five-day Sicily 2017 orienteering circuit, which is a sports discipline born in Northern Europe, and which has been underway in Italy in recent years, so that Erice has decided to host one stage, which was presented on October 11 in the municipal offices of the medieval village. It is an international circuit in which about 600 athletes are participating in a sport where orien"> ...

19° edition of Marsala Expò 19° edition of Marsala Expò

Place: marsala
From: 14/10/2017 To: 22/10/2017

10/10/2017 - Motors are being warmed for the 19th edition of Marsala Expo, the traditional fair of Crafts and Commerce, held in the well-equipped area of ​​the stadium area. It is an appointment that has become traditional for the Marseilles and also for tourists who in this autumn start of the year still see this event as an opportunity to do good business and also to spend evenings with tasting moments of food and wine products entertainment. "> ...

2017 Trapani in Photo 2017 Trapani in Photo

Place: trapani
From: 05/10/2017 To: 08/10/2017

05/10/2017 - "Trapani in photo" returns, the photographic exhibition organized by the association "The Colors of Life", which this year celebrates its seventh edition. The exhibition sponsored by the municipality of Trapani intends with a series of events to promote subjects of social relevance through the photographs, which are the most eloquent expression medium of a thousand words put together. This year´s theme is Nutrition meant in a material sense; so"> ...

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