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2018 Music in Favignana 2018 Music in Favignana

Place: favignana
From: 18/07/2018 To: 31/07/2018

18/07/2018 - For the entire month of July Favignana will be in music with the fourth edition of the famous music festival "Favignana in musica", which will entertain tourists visiting with concerts and musical performances under the artistic direction of Maestro Arturo Andreoli. Location of the music festival will be the squares of the island, but also the Florio plant with renowned artists for what regards classical music and jazz, but there will also be co"> ...

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Dionysiac 2018 at the theater of Segesta Dionysiac 2018 at the theater of Segesta

Place: segesta
From: 18/07/2018 To: 02/09/2018

12/07/2018 - The fourth edition of the Calatafimi Segesta Festival - Dionisiache, which is an event that was born in 2015 to revitalize the ancient Greek theater of Segesta, will return next July 18 after years of cultural activities. The last time was in 1981 and thanks to the initiative of the municipal administration of Calatafimi, in whose territory lies Segesta, we wanted to give a certain continuity to a beautiful tradition of the past. Thanks also to"> ...

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Art exhibition Art exhibition

Place: trapani
From: 07/07/2018 To: 07/08/2018

29/06/2018 - After the great success of the public obtained with the exhibition "The Battle of the Egadi", the Tower of Ligny is preparing to host another exhibition, but this time the protagonist will be contemporary art with the exhibition entitled "In Bilico: between two worlds near and far ". It is a project of intercultural exchange that involves artists from Italy and Taiwan with the exhibition of works that photograph in a variegated way cultural diff"> ...

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Giant chess tournament in San Vito lo Capo Giant chess tournament in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 21/06/2018 To: 30/09/2018

14/06/2018 - This year the summer in San Vito Lo Capo is enriched with a new event that is the giant chess tournament that will start on June 21 and continues practically until September to entertain the various visitors on holiday. The event will take place in Piazza Carlo Barbera (former Piazza Marinella) that for the occasion will become a giant chessboard that will attract passers-by to play chess with giant size pieces, which will be easy to move on the"> ...

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Naturalistic paths of Erice Naturalistic paths of Erice

Place: erice
From: 27/09/2015 To: 27/09/2050

24/09/2015 - For tourists or even for simple residents, who are lovers of trekking and hiking in the great outdoors, to Sunday, September 27, 2015, there will be more opportunity; In fact, on that date were inaugurated nellŽagroericino two nature trails, which wind through the mountain, reaching the summit. The town of Erice has already developed signs, thanks to a project, which is called "Trekking Tourism", involving the Gal Elimos, as the party leader and"> ...

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Photo Exhibition in San Vito lo Capo Photo Exhibition in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 27/06/2015 To: 24/06/2020

24/06/2015 - Renato Zero singing "The Best Years of Our Lives" is the motto with which San Vito Lo Capo comes alive in an exhibition, full of emotions and memories, dedicated to the seventies. Saturday, June 27, at 19, there will be the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the presence of Mayor Matteo Rizzo, at the premises of the Tourist Office of the seaside town. With this event entitled "We guys in San Vito in the 70s", and that all tourists can not vis"> ...

happening now

Museum of the woven in San Vito lo Capo Museum of the woven in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 17/06/2015 To: 17/06/2020

17/06/2015 - A tip for the many tourists, who already crowded these days of early summer our region, is to visit the museum which is located in the equipped dellŽIntreccio Uzzo (Zingaro Nature Reserve) near S. Vito Lo Capo. To create a museum space, furnished in an old house, renovated with European funding, to exhibit artifacts of daily life once woven plant fibers, is really an original idea, because it tells these objects with the arts and crafts, "> ...

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Exhibition at the Museum of the Sea of ​​Marettimo Exhibition at the Museum of the Sea of ​​Marettimo

Place: marettimo
From: 23/10/2014 To: 23/10/2020

23/10/2014 - In the beautiful and unspoilt island of Marettimo you can admire the characteristic exhibition "Here and there by the sea", dedicated to the ancient activities of local fishermen. It could not be put to another contribution of the islanders, seeing that the practice of fishing has its roots in the early colonization of the most dist"> ...

happening now

Coral exhibition at Pepoli Museum Coral exhibition at Pepoli Museum

Place: trapani
From: 06/03/2014 To: 06/03/2020

06/03/2014 - The history of Trapani and the craftsmanship of corallai is set within the walls of the Museum Interdisciplinary " Agostino Pepoli ." Between civilian and military uniforms of the period of Garibaldi , the guillotine used for the putting to death of the local criminals , weapons, marble busts , paintings, sacred o"> ...

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Salt pans and salt museum Salt pans and salt museum

Place: trapani
From: 27/01/2014 To: 27/01/2020

27/01/2014 - Visiting Trapani , one of the things that tourists can not miss are some of the WWF Salt Reserve of Trapani , which was established in 1995 and entrusted to the management of the WWF Italy . The protected area , hanging in the towns of Trapani , has a total area of ​​about 1000 hectares. The salt marshes for their high environmental value are subjected to several constraints of protection : the last of 4 April 2011, when the Ministry "> ...

happening now

2018 Stragusto is back to Trapani 2018 Stragusto is back to Trapani

Place: trapani
From: 25/07/2018 To: 29/07/2018

16/07/2018 - The exquisite gastronomic festival of street food "Stragusto" is about to come back as always full of flavors and smells, which this year celebrates its tenth edition with an ever richer culinary program, which attracts many visitors and also many lovers of traditions. . The event, which is organized by the Trapani Welcome association in collaboration with PS Advert and with the patronage of the municipality of Trapani, provides from 25 to 29 Ju"> ...

future event

2018 Baglio, olio e mare in San Vito lo Capo 2018 Baglio, olio e mare in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 03/08/2018 To: 05/08/2018

13/07/2018 - From Friday 3 August to Sunday 5 August in San Vito lo Capo, in the enchanting Baia Santa Margherita (in Castelluzzo, Cala Seno dellŽArena) "Bagli, Olio e Mare" returns, an enogastronomic review, now in its eighth edition, linked to the promotion of the territory of Macari and Castelluzzo. The rural archeology with its bagli, the valorization of the oil and of the slow food presidia, the sea with an uncontaminated bay: here are the ingredients o"> ...

future event

2018 LŽaltra marea in Favignana 2018 LŽaltra marea in Favignana

From: 10/07/2018 To: 10/07/2018

10/07/2018 - From 11th July, the literary review "The other tide - Approdi dŽautore" returns to Favignana, now in its fifth edition, which this year also includes authors of great depth. The cultural event is organized directly by the Municipality of Favignana in collaboration with the Superintendency of Trapani, and is edited by the Sicilian journalist and writer Giacomo Pilati, who also is a famous writer with very important titles such as "Viola di mare","> ...

2018 Sicily Film Festival in San Vito lo Capo 2018 Sicily Film Festival in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 10/07/2018 To: 15/07/2018

06/07/2018 - The 10th edition of SiciliAmbiente, festival, is about to start on 10th July in S. Vito Lo Capo. It is an international exhibition dedicated to documentaries and short films, whose common denominator is the theme of the environment and human rights. Today the theme of the environment and human rights are questioned, so events of this type, which have as stage the locality of S. Vito Lo Capo, which is internationally famous, serve to raise awaren"> ...

2018 Spincia Fest in Custonaci 2018 Spincia Fest in Custonaci

Place: custonaci
From: 07/07/2018 To: 15/07/2018

05/07/2018 - The 28th edition of the famous sphinx festival called "Spincia Fest", with a program increasingly rich in shows and musical events, makes it even better to taste what was once considered the typical Christmas cake par excellence, but which is now being prepared and eaten all year. The event is organized by the Committee for the development and promotion of typical products of Custonaci with the patronage of the municipality, which from 7 to 15 J"> ...

The Palinuro ship in Trapani The Palinuro ship in Trapani

Place: trapani
From: 28/06/2018 To: 02/07/2018

27/06/2018 - As was the case in 2016 on the occasion of the arrival of the Amerigo Vespucci ship in Trapani, on which numerous Trapani and tourists were able to get on board to visit it, it will also be for Palinuro, which will arrive in Trapani from 28 June to 2 July. In these days it will be possible to visit it to admire its dimensions and to know the instrumentation on board. For those who do not know it, the Palinuro is a school ship of the Italian Nav"> ...

The battle of the Egadi in Ligny Tower The battle of the Egadi in Ligny Tower

Place: trapani
From: 22/06/2018 To: 30/06/2018

22/06/2018 - The Battle of the Egadi, which was staged at the Torre di Ligny in Trapani, one of the most fascinating monuments of the city, is on display until June 30th. For those unfamiliar with history, the Battle of the Egadi was an epic naval battle that ended on 10 March 241 BC, thus ending the first Punic war, after more than twenty years of bloody battles at sea and on land. The great defeat was the Ancient Carthage with the loss of many men and esp"> ...

Trapani Monte Erice historical reenactment Trapani Monte Erice historical reenactment

Place: erice
From: 23/06/2018 To: 24/06/2018

19/06/2018 - It is at the starting point, and it is appropriate to say it, the XXI edition of the historical re-enactment of the famous car race "Trapani-Monte Erice" to be held on 23rd and 24th June with the real time trial and a series of collateral events. This is a national event organized by ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) that gathers historic cars from all over Italy that were built until 1976 and are located in the province of Trapani for a race "> ...

The ARCOIN returns to Trapani 2018 The ARCOIN returns to Trapani 2018

Place: trapani
From: 16/06/2018 To: 24/06/2018

07/06/2018 - The appointment that inaugurates the summer in Trapani with the ARCOIN Trade Fair of the Crafts Trade Industry is back, which this year celebrates the silver wedding with companies and consumers, because from 1993 to today, in fact, is an unmissable event . Once upon a time there was the classic August fair that surrounded the municipal villa and was the classic appointment of the inhabitants of Trapani during the patronal festivals, but for yea"> ...

Exhibition - Trapani in the past Exhibition - Trapani in the past

Place: trapani
From: 05/06/2018 To: 29/06/2018

05/06/2018 - How many of us have even for a moment had the curiosity through the words or more simply the images of knowing what Trapani was like in the past, which certainly was very different from what it looks like today, because many buildings are no longer there, the physiognomy of certain neighborhoods have changed or some of the most representative places or monuments that are still there today, as they were in the past. All this is possible thanks to"> ...

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