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Naturalistic paths of Erice Naturalistic paths of Erice

Place: erice
From: 27/09/2015 To: 27/09/2050

24/09/2015 - For tourists or even for simple residents, who are lovers of trekking and hiking in the great outdoors, to Sunday, September 27, 2015, there will be more opportunity; In fact, on that date were inaugurated nell´agroericino two nature trails, which wind through the mountain, reaching the summit. The town of Erice has already developed signs, thanks to a project, which is called "Trekking Tourism", involving the Gal Elimos, as the party leader and"> ...

happening now

Photo Exhibition in San Vito lo Capo Photo Exhibition in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 27/06/2015 To: 24/06/2020

24/06/2015 - Renato Zero singing "The Best Years of Our Lives" is the motto with which San Vito Lo Capo comes alive in an exhibition, full of emotions and memories, dedicated to the seventies. Saturday, June 27, at 19, there will be the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the presence of Mayor Matteo Rizzo, at the premises of the Tourist Office of the seaside town. With this event entitled "We guys in San Vito in the 70s", and that all tourists can not vis"> ...

happening now

Museum of the woven in San Vito lo Capo Museum of the woven in San Vito lo Capo

Place: San Vito lo Capo
From: 17/06/2015 To: 17/06/2020

17/06/2015 - A tip for the many tourists, who already crowded these days of early summer our region, is to visit the museum which is located in the equipped dell´Intreccio Uzzo (Zingaro Nature Reserve) near S. Vito Lo Capo. To create a museum space, furnished in an old house, renovated with European funding, to exhibit artifacts of daily life once woven plant fibers, is really an original idea, because it tells these objects with the arts and crafts, "> ...

happening now

Exhibition at the Museum of the Sea of ​​Marettimo Exhibition at the Museum of the Sea of ​​Marettimo

Place: marettimo
From: 23/10/2014 To: 23/10/2020

23/10/2014 - In the beautiful and unspoilt island of Marettimo you can admire the characteristic exhibition "Here and there by the sea", dedicated to the ancient activities of local fishermen. It could not be put to another contribution of the islanders, seeing that the practice of fishing has its roots in the early colonization of the most dist"> ...

happening now

Coral exhibition at Pepoli Museum Coral exhibition at Pepoli Museum

Place: trapani
From: 06/03/2014 To: 06/03/2020

06/03/2014 - The history of Trapani and the craftsmanship of corallai is set within the walls of the Museum Interdisciplinary " Agostino Pepoli ." Between civilian and military uniforms of the period of Garibaldi , the guillotine used for the putting to death of the local criminals , weapons, marble busts , paintings, sacred o"> ...

happening now

Salt pans and salt museum Salt pans and salt museum

Place: trapani
From: 27/01/2014 To: 27/01/2020

27/01/2014 - Visiting Trapani , one of the things that tourists can not miss are some of the WWF Salt Reserve of Trapani , which was established in 1995 and entrusted to the management of the WWF Italy . The protected area , hanging in the towns of Trapani , has a total area of ​​about 1000 hectares. The salt marshes for their high environmental value are subjected to several constraints of protection : the last of 4 April 2011, when the Ministry "> ...

happening now

1 st May 2018 in Custonaci 1 st May 2018 in Custonaci

Place: custonaci
From: 01/05/2018 To: 01/05/2018

24/04/2018 - In Custonaci the preparations for the feast of the first of May, which is also a religious solemnity are fervent because the Church remembers St. Joseph the Worker, a figure that is no different from St. Joseph, which is celebrated on March 19, is always the same saint, the putative father of Jesus, only that Pope Pius XII wanted in 1955 to establish this party in the context of the civil recourse of universally recognized workers. In Custonaci "> ...

future event

Art and Flowers at the Scalinata San Domenico of Trapani Art and Flowers at the Scalinata San Domenico of Trapani

Place: trapani
From: 18/05/2018 To: 20/05/2018

09/04/2018 - Spring is the season when nature awakens after the long winter hibernation and the expression of this return to life is definitely the flower that blooms, which with its colored petals opens up to the new warmth that the beautiful season brings. Punctual then returns the event in which the flowers are in fact the protagonists with "Art & Flowers, which has come this year to its eighth edition, which will take place from 18 to 20 May on the impre"> ...

future event

Fair at the Port of Trapani Fair at the Port of Trapani

Place: trapani
From: 28/04/2018 To: 06/05/2018

29/03/2018 - With the summer season, the appointments with the outdoor shows resume, which this year among the scheduled events includes a novelty, the first edition of "Porto in Fiera", the first edition of the Trade Fair for crafts and trade scheduled from April 28th to May 6th from 4pm to midnight. The location is, in fact, the port of Trapani, which for the first time hosts under the tensile structure, set up several years ago during the America´s Cup in"> ...

future event

The school, with Silvio Orlando in Marsala The school, with Silvio Orlando in Marsala

Place: marsala
From: 17/04/2018 To: 17/04/2018

10/04/2018 - Continue the theatrical season in Marsala which is enjoying great success both for the public and for the critics, and certainly there will be no lack of positive appreciation for the opera "La scuola" directed by Daniele Lucchetti, the same director who made a very successful film in 1995. The play is not based on the film, but it was the film that was taken from the eponymous theatrical piéce, which debuted in 1992 thanks to a group of truly e"> ...

Four women and a rogue Four women and a rogue

Place: marsala
From: 08/04/2018 To: 08/04/2018

27/03/2018 - Do you remember the movie "Tre scapoli e un baby", a funny comedy from 1987 that sees three inveterate bachelors grappling with a child who breaks into their lives beset by a thousand problems? And it is on this plot that follows the comedy "Four women and a rogue", a theatrical show on stage on Sunday 8 April at the Impero theater in Marsala. Protagonists among others of this theater comedy are Alessia Fabiani, Nicola Canonico and Mario Zamma, "> ...

Caravaggio in Marsala Caravaggio in Marsala

Place: marsala
From: 22/03/2018 To: 22/03/2018

22/03/2018 - Still the art of Caravaggio is present in the province of Trapani with another initiative that recalls the great artist. After the experience of the exhibition a few years ago in Trapani, now is the city of Marsala that houses the great artist not to exhibit paintings of the same Caravaggio, but works that express in language and painting technique its influence, which is called "caravaggism". Caravaggism is a pictorial current that arose betwee"> ...

2018 Via Crucis Marsala 2018 Via Crucis Marsala

Place: marsala
From: 29/03/2018 To: 29/03/2018

16/03/2018 - On the eve of his Passion in Marsala there is the evocative rite of the Via Crucis, which over the centuries has maintained the ancient aspect of theatrical representations, ie it is not a procession with living figures who are fixed and immobile as in Buseto Palizzolo, but the characters play a role in acting and in some cases interacting with the audience. The origins of this representation are medieval and resume the ancient popular tradition"> ...

Route via Crucis di Buseto Palizzolo - Edition 2018 Route via Crucis di Buseto Palizzolo - Edition 2018

Place: Buseto Palizzolo
From: 25/03/2018 To: 25/03/2018

15/03/2018 - The Holy Week begins in the province of Trapani on Palm Sunday with the Via Crucis of Buseto Palizzolo, which among all the rites that take place in our territory is the one that has a more recent history, because the first representation dates back to 1981 when a group of young busetani, he conceived this event. Thirty-seven years have passed since then and they did not even think about the great success that this event could ever achieve over "> ...

Procession of Mysteries of Erice - Itinerary 2018 Procession of Mysteries of Erice - Itinerary 2018

Place: erice
From: 30/03/2018 To: 30/03/2018

14/03/2018 - On Good Friday in addition to the procession of the Mysteries of Trapani you can also attend the evocative procession of the Mysteries of Erice, which winds along the streets of the medieval village starting at 14 with exit from the Church of San Giuliano. This procession has quite ancient origins and must be sought in the second half of the sixteenth century, when the Council of Trent established that the representations of the Via Crucis were "> ...

Procession of the Madonna Procession of the Madonna "Mother Pietà del Popolo"

From: 13/03/2018 To: 13/03/2018

13/03/2018 - On Holy Wednesday it is the turn of the Madonna "Pietà Pietà del Popolo" that comes out in a procession at 2.30 pm from the Church of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. It is a ritual that is inserted between the various events in preparation for the great Good Friday procession which is precisely the procession of the Mysteries, almost as if it were a prologue, since the citizenship of Trapani already immerses itself in the great atmosphere of the Pa"> ...

Mother Pietà of the Massari Mother Pietà of the Massari

From: 12/03/2018 To: 12/03/2018

12/03/2018 - The Holy Week in Trapani opens on Holy Tuesday with the traditional procession of the Madonna della Pietà, called the "Massari". It is a procession that has quite ancient origins, even if there is no certain information on its introduction. What is certain is that the procession of the Madonna dei Massari was in the past organized by the Congregation of St. Christopher who started the religious procession first from the church of San Rocco and t"> ...

Itinerary procession of the mysteries trapani 2018 Itinerary procession of the mysteries trapani 2018

Place: trapani
From: 30/03/2018 To: 30/03/2018

20/02/2018 - It was announced by the Unione Maestranze the itinerary of the Procession of the Mysteries, which this year falls a little earlier than usual, since Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 1st. As is now customary for some years alternates the main location of the conduct of the procession and this year is the turn of the Via GB Fardella that will be traveled by the Holy Groups from the south side to the intersection with Via Marsala, where t"> ...

2018 Ciocco Fest in Gibellina 2018 Ciocco Fest in Gibellina

From: 23/02/2018 To: 25/02/2018

13/02/2018 - Still missing several weeks at Easter and already the taste of good chocolate begins to be felt in recent days thanks to the many events that are organized to enhance in the best way the chocolate, called the "Food of the Gods" and the delicacies that the great chocolatiers masters prepare for the occasion. One of these events that gives the opportunity to taste the excellent chocolate is "Ciocco Fest in Belice", which is now in its fourth editi"> ...

2018 Scinnute of misteries 2018 Scinnute of misteries

Place: trapani
From: 16/02/2018 To: 23/03/2018

06/02/2018 - With the beginning of Holy Lent, which is a time of penitence for the whole Church, the "Scinnute" begins, which are preparatory rites, leading to the procession of the Good Friday Mysteries, in which all the citizens of Trapani meet in prayer. The Scinnute have a fairly ancient tradition and date back to the seventeenth century when the Sacred Groups of the Mysteries were literally descended, hence the dialect word "scinnuta", from the niche in"> ...

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