Aperifish in trapani
Aperifish in trapani
Aperifish in trapani


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Viale delle Sirene: a suggestive name for a location that takes your breath away.

And overlooking this enchanted place, right in front of the place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea embrace, is the Tra i Due Mari restaurant in Trapani.

From this combination of beauty, a riot of flavors and aromas could only be born. Those of the Sicilian food and wine tradition revisited in a contemporary key.

A dip in the past, therefore. But with a taste that is always projected in search of that something original, unique. That ingredient capable of enhancing the dish and making it a sensory experience.

The restaurant Tra i due Mari is this but not only. It is also familiarity and relaxation, with its view of Mount Erice and the whole north coast of Trapani.

Located in a pedestrian area, the Tra i due Mari restaurant offers a quiet and ideal setting for a romantic evening, a dinner with family or friends or even just for a fleeting aperitif.

Chef Alessandro Corso will amaze you with ancient but original creations, a balance that will fascinate and amaze you.

At the Tra i due Mari restaurant, in addition to the fish and meat menu, you can try the vegan and vegetarian menus.




Hotel Trapani Inn
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