Trattoria del Corso in trapani
Trattoria del Corso in trapani
Trattoria del Corso in trapani


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Corso Italia 51 - 91100 Trapani

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The Trattoria del Corso is situated Trapani in Corso Italia 51, immersed in the historic centre.

The trattoria is small and friendly and has been family run for many years.

The staff and owners greet guests with warmth and friendliness and accompany them in the selection of typical culinary delights from Trapani.

The special flavours and combinations of quality first class ingredients and foods delight the palate and appeal to your sense of smell.

The kitchen is visible and this allows customers to watch the food being prepared.

Our customers eyes light up when they are served:

Busiate pasta with the rocket salad, gorgonzola cheese and shrimp, fish couscous, pasta with sardines, spaghetti with clams and artichokes, Linguine pasta with limpets, or fish eggs, Busiate pasta with aubergine, ricotta cheese and almonds or with typical pesto from Trapani, sardines “allinguate” (dipped in flour and oil and fried), cuttlefish au gratin, fried mixed fresh fish, paddlefish with fava beans, cod with leeks and artichokes, octopus sautéed with tomatoes and “qualeddru” (local wild herb), John Dory fish meuniere, grouper in “matalotta” (with tomato, garlic, onion, parsley....), sea bream in “acquapazza” sauce (wine, capers, tomato...), etc.

We are renowned for spaghetti with sea urchins.

The strength of the kitchen lies in its fresh produce, in the simplicity of the combinations, the excellent craftsmanship and more than thirty years experience of Letizia our chef and owner of the restaurant, helped by three hardworking and friendly girls.

Only fresh fish of the day is used.

We have a good and varied selection of wines.

Rocket and parmesan tenderloin, filet with mushrooms or green peppers, escallops ​​in Passito wine, orange chicken pieces, couscous with meat and vegetables, fresh vegetable soup and our buffet of hors d´oeuvres enrich our guest’s choices.

We also prepare excellent desserts such as amaretto and lemon mousse, almond parfait, tart tatin, crème brulée, cannoli with ricotta cheese, cheesecake or fruit tarts, cinnamon or fruit “Gelo” (typical Sicilian iced dessert), etc.

Medium price is euro 25/30 excluding drinks.




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