Agriturismo Vultaggio in trapani
Agriturismo Vultaggio in trapani
Agriturismo Vultaggio in trapani


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Strada Nuova Guarrato, 91100 Trapani Guarrato

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The love of the land can also be seen in the restaurant run by Vultaggio Peppe and his wife Giovanna.

Many of the ingredients such as vegetables, wine, olive oil and fruit are produced on the farm and on Sunday there is a small market where you can buy home grown produce.

The dishes prepared in our kitchen are created in the name of authenticity and freshness, keeping together the flavours of the cuisine of Trapani thanks to the precious teachings of the elders of the family.

The cuisine is based on the principle of "cucina siciliana del 2000" - Sicilian cooking in 2000.
In fact, together with the typically Sicilian dishes also we emphasize innovation.

It is in this way that all our flavourful dishes are created, making the most of the availability of our natural garden and farm products: the ´eliche alla ghiottona´, with yellow squash, peppers, pistachios and fresh pasta, omelettes with mint, or ricotta cheese and couscous with meat and vegetables, ´taroncioli´, a fried ´tuma´ cheese specialty, fresh peppers with breadcrumbs, ´caponata´ and many other tasty dishes, including the pasqualora sausage and rabbit cooked in lard, or ricotta cassatelle a typical pastry of the area.

A special focus is given to slow food products such as Nebrodi pork, red garlic of Nubia, the salt from the salt pans of Trapani, bread from Castelvetrano, the badda bean of Polizzi, lentils of Ustica, the caciocavallo cheese of Palermo and Provola cheese of Madonie and the pistacchios of Bronte.

A special focus is given to persons suffering from eating disorders such as celiac disease who, on request, can enjoy dishes without gluten.

The wine list offers a selection of essential Sicilian wines, including a homemade reflective Nero d´Avola wine.




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