Misteries of Trapani: 2014 itinerary
Misteries of Trapani: 2014 itinerary
Misteries of Trapani: 2014 itinerary


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Misteries of Trapani: 2014 itinerary


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -

From: 18/04/2014 - To: 18/04/2014
Place: trapani




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As approved by the Ordinary of the Consuls, the route of the Procession of the Mysteries on Good Friday 2014 will be as follows:

Exit at 14:00 from the Church of Purgatory.
Square Purgatory ; Via Generale D. Giglio ; Via Giovanni XXIII; Piazza Matteotti ; Liberty Street ; Via Torrearsa ; Square Saturn ; Via Sant´Agostino ; Piazza Sant´Agostino ; Course Italy ; Via XXX in January ; Via Mercè ; Largo San Francesco di Paola ; Alley Todaro ; Via Open ; Via Science ; Via San Michele ; Via Santa Elisabetta ; Largo francs ; Via Buscaino
Piazzetta Cuba ; Via Baron Sera Pepoli ; Via Garibaldi ; Piazza Vittorio Veneto ; Viale Regina Margherita ; Piazza Vittorio Emanuele ; Via G.B. Fardella (south side) to the corner of Via dei Mille ;
Stop Via G.B. Fardrum (north side) from the height of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Then: Via G.B. Fardrum (north side) ; Piazza Vittorio Emanuele ; Viale Regina Margherita ; Piazza Vittorio Veneto ; Via Garibaldi ; Liberty Street ; Corso Vittorio Emanuele ; Via Serisso ; Via Nunzio Nasi ; Via Custonaci ; Via Corallai ; Corso Vittorio Emanuele ; Piazza Generale Scio ; Viale Duca d´Aosta; Via C. Colombo ; Via G. Da Procida ; Via Silva ; Square slipway ; Via Pilots ; Off the Nymphs ; Via Carolina ; Piazza Generale Scio ; Corso Vittorio Emanuele ; Via Torrearsa ; Largo Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa ; Square Lucatelli ; Via San Francesco d´ Assisi ; Square Purgatory.
Entry at 8:00 am at the Church of Purgatory.

A tradition that unites and renews

Of publications on the Mysteries there are many, all interesting and well-maintained. Far be it from us to claim, in a few lines , to trace the history of this exciting event and the significance to the Trapani. We will limit ourselves to offer some historical curiosity and , with the inevitable procession route .
The Procession of the Mysteries in Trapani , famous all over the world , to the city of Trapani is a time to gather and unique collective identity . The event - during his four hundred years , making it one of the oldest in Italy - while modifying the external component , has maintained its deep spiritual and cultural value .
The changes , mostly of nature " spectacular " , it should be emphasized , are due to the alternation of periods of history. A natural evolution in short, went hand in hand with changes in the social and historical context . The statuary groups , however, are always the same, or at the very least - having regard to the bombings of World War II that significantly damaged or destroyed them - have remained the same feelings that embody and convey . To the talented craftsmen who first realized them - such as Mario Ciotti , Baldassare Pisciotta , Francis Nolfo - plus those who were able to rebuild or restore them at the end of the Second World War. Among them, Dominic Li Muli (author of the central Fontana del Tritone ) and Giuseppe Cafiero .
The statues are made ​​with the technique , all of Trapani , the " carchèt " , which involves the use of wood, cloth and glue. This created a wooden skeleton , carefully carved and reproducing perfectly the anatomical parts . On the structure was then applied to a molding cork , finally wrapped with bandages impregnated with glue and specially modeled . The silverware , jewelry and flowers suggellavano everything.
The first post-war procession was held April 19, 1946 , and were able to put on display the new Sacred Groups .
Since 1950, they began to cover the stands with a sumptuous black cloak ( Sicilian: "´a manta " ) , bearing the name of the class to which they belong .
The groups were assigned from the beginning to the so-called " Maestranza " , all gathered in 1974.

Some information about the Maestranze
What are the Craftsmen , and what role they have in the representation of the Mysteries ? The word association " The Flagellation " , which handles and manages the Group´s Sacred entrusted to the Maestranza of Bricklayers and Stonemasons , and these days has brought the exhibition of the Sacred Column of the Flagellation and silver that on Good Friday, in the course of procession of the Mysteries , adorn the Group .

" The Craftsmen can be simplistically defined as descendants of a feudal system , which gave a degree of regulation over time to labor relations , by receiving in their statutes , not of laws but of customs and practices , to which the category is adhered with spirit cooperation and mutual aid.

From the organizational point of view the Maestranze were and are still governed by the consuls ; Today the government of the group is represented by the Chief Consul John D´Aleo , the two Deputy Heads Console Figuccio Antonino and Salvatore Impellizzeri , the Consul Treasurer Joseph De Caro , the Consul Secretary Francescao D´Aleo , and the Consuls Figuccio Vito , Leonardo Catalano.

The Craftsmen today - by the end - inherit the cultural heritage of the past four centuries of history and of the procession, and revive traditions and customs often handed down through gestures and passions that weave a purely religious aspect anthropological cultural legacy more the secular tradition of those who dedicate themselves for many months in the success of the Good Friday procession. "

More information on the official website of the Unione delle Maestranze: www.unionemaestranzetrapani.com











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