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Week of the Egadi
Week of the Egadi


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Week of the Egadi


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -

From: 05/06/2015 - To: 10/06/2015
Place: favignana




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Also this year we will be back with a new edition of "The week of the Egadi", in which 5 to 10 June the Egadi archipelago will be put at the center in terms of archaeological, gastronomic and natural with a series of events with the fundamental objective of addressing issues related to knowledge, enhancement, protection, preservation and conservation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the islands, thus also promote tourism in the archipelago in Italy and abroad .

Week of Egadi is also an event of cultural and scientific value, which is based on the request of the establishment Florio of Favignana, as a World Heritage Site.

The Egadi are part of the triangle "gold" of the province of Trapani, which has a base on the west coast of Sicily to Trapani, Marsala and Mazara, which juts into the sea with the top of the island of Marettimo. And just in Marettimo, which will focus this week most of the events, which have centered on the promotion of nature tourism especially now that the island of Marettimo was again spotted the monk seal, disappeared in the past by these waters.


June 5, 2015

Ex Florio of Favignana tuna and Formica
15.00 Opening of the event.
Presentation by Giulia D´Angelo, journalist and writer, and Giuseppe Pagoto, Mayor of the Egadi
From 19.00 to 20.00 hours tour among the partner restaurants of Favignana for free tasting of local fish

June 6, 2015

Ex Florio of Favignana tuna and Formica
10.00 "Battle of the Egadi: Not only war." Testimonials nutrition Roman fish and especially tuna. Sebastiano TusaSoprintendenza Sea Sicily
19.30 Tasting at a discount at various restaurants convezionati a flat dellla home, including the frascatole
20.30 Dinner with convivial tasting frascatole lobster dish entered in the register of local intangible heritage (Reil) Organized by the La Cucina Siciliana of "Cummari trapanisi"
At 22.00: Projections in Europe Square by the City of Egadi and the Superintendent BB.CC.AA. Trapani
• "The tuna fishing in Sicily", Istituto Luce
• "Fishing for tuna Francesco Alliatas
• "Fishing for tuna, tuna and tuna fishermen" Paul Notarbartolo di Sciara
• "The castle network" of Gianfranco Bernabei
• "Sea vertical" Marco Ferrari

11.00 Music in joy with FAVIGNANA´S STREET BAND
EXTREMA Association in partnership with AMP Egadi

Hours 9.30 to 12.00 Crossing swimming Levanzo - Favignana

June 7, 2015

9.00 Boarding for Levanzo
9:30 am Visit to the ancient factories for fish processing and the production of garum with Roberto La Rocca, archaeologist of the Superintendence of the Sea of ​​Palermo
11.00 "The tuna in prehistory: visit the cave of the Genovese" with the geologist Francesco Torre
13.00 Brunch tasting tuna roasted over charcoal made in the manner of Apicius
16.00 Return to Favignana
22.00 Projections in Europe Square
22.00 Palazzo Florio: The Malastoria sing "Women, girls and virgins"

June 8, 2015

8.55 hours tour of conventioneers to Marettimo
June 9
Ex Florio of Favignana tuna and Formica
Hours 9.00 to 13.00 Workshop by the Marine Protected Area Aegadian. "Geoswim: 23000 km swim. Results of the exploration of the coast of Egadi carried out in September 2014"
18 pm the Businessmen Association Aegadian closes the event with music and wine tasting. Information site on the route and local members offering tastings
Dining all day 9 of a ride through the trails of the island of Favignana with free bicycles provided by:
G.A.C.Noleggio Via Garibaldi 4
Hire Florio Via Florio 10
Rental Grimaldi Piazza Europa 33
Rental Plaia Via Florio 4
At 17 Free guided tour of the Quarry St. Anne with the sculptures in tuff exposed in it.


FRIDAY, June 5

18.00 Presentation of the 6 days on the island and the calendar "Marettimo Events 2015-16"
Promotional video projection
19.00 Tasting by commercial activities and fishermen island
22.00 Evening Musicale "And the Sea that should be ..." with Rubina and Gino De Vita - Piazza Umberto

Saturday, June 6

- "Turismonatura" Excursion and practical laboratory of climbing on a wall above the sea by Jacopo Merizzi (climber and mountain guide); Mountain biking, trekking, caving. (Sport on the trails of the island)
-Presentation Of the exhibition at the banquet activities with the promotion of products and of all events "Marettimo all year"
17.00 Meeting with the journalist Palermo Claudio Riolo, Ambassador of the Arts, will tell the virtues of Economic and Cultural Districts with a program for Marettimo: "From the kitchen with flowers at the Country Hotel"
17.30 Franco Brevini, University of Bergamo and Corriere della Sera, "Invention of the Wild Nature" conference-show for the presentation of the book published by Bollati Boriglieri (with the collaboration of Volgar´Eloquio)
18.30 "Routes of the Odyssey in the topography of the Egadi" by Girolama Lella Samson
- "Tasting in Music" - by the activities of the Island
- Video presentation on the ancient salting fish in Marettimo Riccardo Cingillo
-Spettacolo Dance by the school "Space Dance" directed by Monica Stands
-Serata Musical Torrente with Salvatore and Giuseppe La Sala
-Internet Live streaming with the community Montrey in California

Sunday, June 7

- "Turismonatura": canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, Swimtrekking
-Meet "Young people meet standards" with the champions of the National Association of Italian Azzurri
17.00 The underwater archaeological sites in Marettimo. Relates Prof. Sebastiano Tusa Superintendent of the Sea of ​​the Sicilian Region in collaboration with the diving island.
18.00 Valeria Patrizia Li Vigni, director of the Rice Museum of Contemporary Art in Palermo, presents his book "Journey into the Small Museums of Sicily" (art editions Kalos)
19.00 Aperitif in music by operators island
22.00 Musical evening "A Sea of ​​Jazz" by Alberto Anguzza and his jazz quartet consisting of Mario Genna (piano), Nino Pianelli (double bass), Happy Cavazza (drum), Alberto Anguzza (trumpett & flugelhorn).

MONDAY, June 8

9:30 am Arrival group conventioneers and journalists from Favignana
10.00 Aquilonando in Hiera Nesos by Myland TO Trapani and Events
10:30 am Guided tour of the Castle of Punta Troia and presentation of the book on the legend of the castle of Enzo Di Stefano (Mazzotta publisher)
14.00 Sea Museum presentation of books:
• "Sea vertical" Marco Ferrari
• "Menu board" Admiral Roberto Free
Afternoon entertained by the music of the sea
Brunch by fishermen and restaurateurs Marettimo
16.45 Return to Favignana.
- Video Presentation on the feast of St. Joseph and of all religious holidays
- Garden Oratory Parish tasting products and sweets
19.00 Aperitif in music
22.00 Live Music Folk by EriceEtniKa - Garden Oratory Parish


10.00 Path HIERA, today and tomorrow - together in nature to culture:
"25 years of Marettimo Forest" - Shelter Forest "Carcaredda"
Meeting on development prospects of enhancement of forest property by the CGIL union Flai and Company State Forests of Trapani - tasting
19.00 Aperitif in music


10.00 Discovering nature path among the many colors of the island in the sea and in mountain and prospects of development for the Punta Troia Castle and the Old Traffic Light
12.00 Meeting between the operators of the island for the planning of essential services
18.00 Aperitif and presentation of website promotion event "Marettimo 2015-16"
22.00 Screening of video closing event and tasting
ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION and the streets of the country
The various appointments, times and dates are subject to changes and changes to organizational needs.

The location on the island will be decided upon on the basis of "blowing wind".

SOME ACTIVITIES ´ISLAND propose to the Days of EXHIBITION PROMOTIONAL OFFERS and different tasting moments

More info on the official website www.settimanadelleegadi.it











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To see events being held during your holiday:

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2) Insert the place you are interested in.

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