2014 Orestiadi Gibellina, the complete program
2014 Orestiadi Gibellina, the complete program
2014 Orestiadi Gibellina, the complete program


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2014 Orestiadi Gibellina, the complete program


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -

From: 05/06/2014 - To: 11/07/2014
Place: Gibellina




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It starts "Orestiadi in the sign of Contemporary Art", sponsored by the Foundation Orestiadi , chaired by Rosario Fontana, under the artistic direction of Claudio Collovà.

A festival that aims to enhance Gibellina known town devastated by the earthquake of Belice from the rubble that was able to stand up boldly by leveraging its culture . A choice originally appeared reckless and risky, but that was found to be gradually fits perfectly , managing to confirm and enrich themselves from year to year.

Music, theater, circus , cinema, poetry and dance: these different languages ​​- but they all share the same thread that is the beauty , art , communication - useful to a meeting of cultures of the Mediterranean .

There are 25 groups and companies hosted for the first edition - a total of nearly 150 artists involved - among the most significant and well-known Italian and foreign experiences , with 35 different shows and ten documentaries in permanent vision , with the intent of not only broaden the dialogue between the arts of live performance - what among others prosecuted in all editions of the XXXII Festival Orestiadi implemented to date - but also to address an audience not only "specialized " .

Today and tomorrow , at 21:30 , the " Baglio Di Stefano ," will be staged in the first national show " Whenever I raise my eyes from the book ," by the aforementioned Claudio Collovà , artistic director of the Festival.

Next Saturday, at 21, at Palazzo Di Lorenzo , " The black pot " will stage "Radio does not transmit Belice " , by Giacomo Guarneri . Directed by James Vaccarino Marcella Guarneri - with the latter under Darius Mason scene together . Music by Angelo Sicurella .
Also on Saturday , at 22, Piazza XV in January, " Sounds and perceptions" , edited by Emanuele Casale and Giuseppe Rapisarda of the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini in Palermo.

Tuesday, June 10 , at 21, at Baglio Di Stefano Zappala Dance Company at the touch of Catania, with the "Instrument # 1 - Discovering the invisible ." Choreographed and directed by Roberto Zappala . Live music by Puccio Castrogiovanni .

Wednesday, June 11 , at 21 , again at Baglio Di Stefano, we find once again the Zappala Dance Company , which will stage the "Pre- Text 1 : Shipwreck with Spectator " , the first stage of Odysseus , work on emigration / immigration and on ´ interculturalism , loosely based on the book " Shipwreck with Spectator " by Hans Blumenberg .

Thursday, June 12 , again at 21 , at Area 85 , " Case 4 ", by de " Stop Palmizi ."

Friday, June 13th , at 21, at Baglio Di Stefano , the stage will be all for " Animalie ," directed by George Gallio . By David Rion , Gabriel Mirabassi , Giorgio Rossi - the latter the creator of the show.

Even Giorgio Rossi will be featured Saturday, June 14 , again at 21 , at Baglio Di Stefano, with " Alma " , with music of the unforgettable Genoese singer-songwriter Fabrizio De Andrè ; Death in Vegas , John Oswald and King Krimson . Texts ddi alcui large international literature : Cesare Pavese , Pablo Neruda, Alda Merino and Giorgio Rossi.
It continues an hour later, at 22, with the show "Sleep elevation ." Directed and choreographed by Mariella Celia .

Thursday, June 19 , at 19, in the premises of the Museum of Contemporary Art , is scheduled " With Art " workshop that makes interacting actors and audience , theater, poetry and dance.
We will continue to 21:30 in Piazza XV January: the Sicilian Jazz Orchestra - who has collaborated with artists of international renown , such as Martial Solal , Stefano Bollani and Tony Hadley - will liven up the audience with "Latin explosion" .

Friday, June 20 to 21 at Baglio Di Stefano is in the program "La Geste " - directed by and starring Laura Trefiletti , Julien Pierrot, Valentin Pythoud - co Espace Catastrophe , Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE) ; The Flic , Circus School (IT); Centre culturel du Brabant- Wallon (BE) .

Saturday, June 21 to 20 in the system of the squares the company " Cie eg " Barcelona will present " In ", a show of success that includes clowning and object manipulation , on tour all over Europe , not surprisingly with more than 100 performances .
We will continue with Fanny & Alexander , at 21 , moving to Palazzo Di Lorenzo , with " Speech gray " , which led to the 22 " Speech yellow ."

Tuesday, June 24 , at 20:30 , still in the system of the squares will be staged " Fiesta " , organized by the Theatre of the two worlds of Faenza, that name already hints at a hot pace , fun and entrancing .
At 22 , in Piazza XV January particular time and thick with music by oral tradition, Turkish, Greek , Klezmer , Balkan , Sicilian , with " Mediterranean wave ."

Wednesday, June 25th at 20:30 in the system of squares, performance " international " with " Otradnoie 1 " by the " Proyecto Otradnoie " Barcelona- Toulouse.

Moving at Palazzo Di Lorenzo , at 21:30 you can watch Sicilian adaptation of the prestigious " Richard III " by William Shakespeare, Joseph Massa. With Giovanni Calcagno and Simona Sick . Two episodes : " Straggi " and " Luttu , the first focuses on the thirst for power, contempt and the wicked alienation from civil society; the second has a focus on the female and its burdens.

Thursday, June 26 , at 21, at Palazzo Di Lorenzo , will stage a touching moment and the important issue : " The Borto " by " Scene Vertical" . By and with Saverio La Ruina . Music composed and performed live by Gianfranco De Franco. It is not just the story of an abortion. It is the story of a woman in a society dominated by the attitude and violent and cynical gaze of the male universe .
At 22 , in Piazza XV in January , is scheduled for " Requiem for a Dying Planet" , with Ernst Ernst Reijseger Reijseger , one of the most innovative artists of the past 20 years on the international scene of jazz , world music and improvisation.

Friday, June 27th , at 21, will return to Palazzo Di Lorenzo , where he planned another strong and unmissable appointment: " Italianesi " , Saverio La Ruina , production " Scene vertical ."
" There is an unprecedented tragedy , removed from the history books - we read in the program - and consumed until a few days ago just a few miles from our homes. At the end of World War II , thousands of Italian soldiers and civilians remain trapped in Albania with the advent of the dictatorial regime , forced to suffer violent persecution . In those camps remain forty years , forgotten. "

Also on Friday June 27 at 22 square XV in January is scheduled for " Trio" . With Mola Sylla , Harmen Fraanj and the aforementioned Ernst Reijseger .
A trio defined by the same Reijseger " a living organism ."

Wednesday, July 2 , at 21, at Palazzo Di Lorenzo will be staged " Guess fortune ," Franco Scaldati , written and performed for the first time in 1979 , to give voice to the emblematic figures of the old neighborhoods of Palermo.
At 22 , in fifteenth place in January , with music " Sicily half - awake. Songs for a sleepless voice , " directed by and starring Miriam Palma.

Thursday, July 3 , at 21, at Baglio Di Stefano Federico and Andrea Renzi Odling enact " Caproni " show focused on the texts and the figure of the well-known writer Giorgio Caproni .
At 22 you will go to the rendering " Titanic the end " by the U.S. Theatres of Naples. Tribute to Antonio Neiwiller the twentieth anniversary of his death.

Sunday, July 6 , at Palazzo Di Lorenzo , at 21, is scheduled for theatrical series consists of 3 episodes " Free time " , Gian Maria Cervo. Directed by Charles Fineschi and Kirill Serebrennikov .
Also on Sunday, July 6 to 22 , in Piazza XV January concert Valeria Cimò and Ma´aria titled " Earth." With Valeria Cimò , author composer , voice and percussion , Romina Money, on bass , Francis Biscari , cello and Gianluca Dessi , on guitar.

Thursday, July 10 , at 21, in the amphitheater of the church of Quaroni , interactive performance between dance , electronic music, and videos with " Synaptica # 2" .
At 22 , the Baglio Di Stefano, Leonard Eto , one of the most innovative performers of taiko - the legendary Japanese drum - will give the best of themselves in " Blendrums theater ."

It will close with a flourish Friday, July 11 , at Baglio Di Stefano . At 21 , Paul Smith will stage " & Harlequin Harlequin " , funny and engaging show that will feature even puppets Daniele Cortesi ; a project in collaboration with Small theater in Milan.

Price of the ticket, € 5 . Admission to all the events of the Festival is free, except for those in the program Baglio Di Stefano, as in this case , where the entrance fee will be charged at € 5 .

Further informatio ca n be found on Orestiadi Foundation website











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