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Theater festival


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -

From: 14/12/2015 - To: 14/12/2015
Place: marsala




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The association Art Theatre Company "CURTAIN" directed by Vito SCARPITTA, given the great success obtained in previous exhibitions OTTO, realized with the PATRONAGE OF THE CITY OF MARSALAla 9th Theatre Festival "The Stagnone ... scenes of a show", proposing a series of dramas that will stage the authors of a certain cultural and communicative (national) in the territory of Marsala.

The festival will start on December 27 at the Empire theater, with the great Enrico Guarneri (Littorio) and the wonderful comedy Christmas in Cupiello.

The presale is open for the purchase of the show or the entire show. The pre-sale points are:

MARSALA: Pro Loco via IX May, Curti Pianos via S. Domenico Savio, Bar Saviny square Piedmont and Lombardy.
TRAPANI: Magic Music course Piersanti Mattarella 112
MAZARA: Maison de la musique Via Roma 134
Information and reservations: 320.8011864 - 338.2615790 - 335.7308627

Enrico Guarneri. CHRISTMAS IN Cupiello
Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 18:00 pm 9 am on 23 December;

we are home to Luca Cupiello. Concetta, the wife of Luke is already up to attend to the first household chores and is about to give the alarm to her husband. A Cupiello we are in the middle of preparations for Christmas. Especially Luke is struggling with the construction of his crib, while Tommasino, son "big baby", and his brother Pasquale, who lives in retirement from them, they fight and do their best to spoil the atmosphere.
Suddenly he bursts in Cupiello the eldest daughter Ninuccia, decisissima, having fallen in love with another man, to leave her husband Nicolino. The latter is a prominent businessman very rich and his marriage Ninuccia Cupiello was hailed as a stroke of luck for the girl. Ninuccia tells his mother, while our Luke tries in vain to understand what is happening ... After hearing the daughter and after further argument with her husband, Concetta faints raising fears the worst. Fortunately it recovers, but lost in the bustle a letter written by his daughter to her husband, in which she confessed his treachery and plans to run away with her lover. The letter is collected by Luke Cupiello that, not imagining anything to the content of the letter, the delivery just Nicolino .. A hilarious Enrico Guarnericoaudiuvato by a team of high level. Sunday, December 27, 2015 at 18:00, the Empire Theatre of Marsala.

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 18:00
And the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta told in music and prose through his thoughts, the prayers, his people, his work, his life, with particular reference to the most simple and humble: l´ love for poor, work, his people, his joyous smile in ´tackle the most tristi..La history comes alive when Mother Teresa left the congregation in Loreto and go to Calcutta. L´enthusiasm and desire to begin his mission in the name of God are immediately confronted with the terrible conditions in that part of the world, always in need of help. Disease, hunger, poverty are the elements dealt with the clear intent to reflect and at the same time to show. The musical aims to give the audience emotions, offering segments sung and danced in the life of a small woman considered among the largest in the world. Games of lights, choreography and music create rich and sugestive environments. Sunday, January 31, 2016, 18:00 at the Empire Theatre of Marsala.

Sunday 14 february - 18:00
SPETTACOLOSO "is a fantastic journey, which, in the space of two hours, between funny jokes and songs, tells the concerns of a single convinced, are allergic to any type of bond, which the fantastic story of his life compared to that of two hypothetical boyfriends (prof. Cosimo Coltraro and the unemployed, aspiring showgirl Matilde Brandi) that, during their journey, they encounter various characters all played by the same Manlio Dovi.
Initially we will live the concerns of a man about to get married, and his fear of the future, because of a difficult relationship between two people of different generations, that of the child who will be born and his grandfather. Similarly we will live the concerns of his wife for which marriage is the renunciation of dreams.
By then the scene "in restaurant" will witness a moment of absolute lack of communication. Similarly, using the sketch interception discover the betrayal of the couple despite the oath of allegiance in scambiatosi fun wedding scene where you come across a priest to say the least singular beginning with the name "Don crazy".
In the second half we will see how and ´changed the relationship between husband and wife after a short time of living together and the complete absence of dialogue between the two. And so, in a moment of reflection, the husband sees the most significant moments of his life through the sounds imitated live by Manlio Dovi.
During their rare outputs it will encounter in the classic Roman centurion who will explain "his" personal history of Rome and later in a singer parking (Manlio), and a saxophonist (Ciro Pusateri), that the guitar will dedicate to the newlyweds a fantasy classics ranging from "bitch" to "tammurriata black". The show closes with a tribute to the greats of the past and through their art have accompanied our life with a revived Petrolini in the shoes of a today Gastone.Una unusual pair of actors on stage for two hours to give the audience full of good humor !
Cosimo Coltraro - Ciro Pusateri - Corps de Ballet

Teatro Stabile of Nyssa
The counterfeiters WITH TWO John and Joseph Special, Salvina Fame, Adriano Dell´Utri.

Directed by Angelo Tosto
Sunday, March 6 and Sunday, March 13
Antonio Bonocore, is for the case to assist Mr. Andrea, an elderly tenant who, before dying, reveals to be in possession of some original cliché of the Bank of Italy, which had long been dependent, and the watermarked paper to print banknotes from 10,000 pounds. Mr. Andrea had stolen this material with the intention to take revenge on the fact that he was put aside, but he had ever had the courage to take action. Then he asks Bonocore to throw into the river suitcase with clichés. Bonocore but decides not to throw in the suitcase, but ignoring the techniques of printing banknotes, to produce 10,000 pieces is forced to ask the help of the typographer Joseph The Turkish and, later, the painter Cardone, both variously indebted as him.
Building upon the economic needs of his cronies, organizes furtive meetings at night to create a gang of counterfeiters.
The three manage to print the notes and "spacciarne" one in a night bar. But things get complicated when Bonocore discovers that his elder son Michael, financier recently moved to Rome, is following its own investigation to counterfeit notes.
Antonio afraid of being discovered, with the aggravating circumstance that he being the father of a financier, can cost the place to his son. Therefore please his buddies not to spend a penny, and to dispose of the equipment immediately, sotterrandola out of town.
Antonio, now feeling cornered, he decided to get arrested by Michele, but going in person to the police station by Marshal feels that the survey followed by Michele ended with the arrest of a gang of counterfeiters professionals and that the calling he goner It had been so identified, but it was not one of those products from the three, but the sample used, false and also supplied to him by a loan shark. Discover later that none of its members had had the courage to spend only one of the notes produced.

Sunday, April 17 AT 18.00
A super close-knit couple, and very funny, that consists of Pino teach and Roberto Ciufoli, half of the historic Premiata Ditta (with them we have been for many years, from 1986 to 2006, Francesca Draghetti Tiziana Foschi), who arrives on the stage of the Theatre "EMPIRE" Marsala Sunday, April 16, 2016, at the IX Festival Theatre "The stagnone ... scenes of a show" organized by the Theatre Company Curtain, with the show "Come on idiot". The duo teach-Ciufoli will stage new songs but also hilarious gags from their repertoire in a "roundup" of jokes in pure style "vaudeville", which remains their point of reference and their greatest passion.

VITO SCARPITTA AND ENZA GIACALONE in "The Return of Don Rodriguez..zz !!
Sunday 15 May - 21:30
A story entirely invented and parodied which happens to be a fun, exciting and unexpected result of Promessi Sposi. The story told, will involve ´with many twists those who already´ had just witnessed the first parody ´, and entertain´ a lot of people for the first time is going to attend this show. The story does not claim essre the true result of the Betrothed., (We would not want to offend the great A. Manzoni) wheel for almost all ´, on the same characters. Renzino little light and then married, with a son today, through years of marriage breakdown for a strong doubt that has always Torn Renzino, really happened with Don Rodriguez..zz., And he after his death what happened to his body ? Meanwhile, the Bravini, the Bravi D. Tano for a living and do the jobs most unexpected and unthinkable. But will the many twists to make engaging and entertaining this imaginary life of the Betrothed.











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