Favignana Island. Beach and relax for your holiday
Favignana Island. Beach and relax for your holiday
Favignana Island. Beach and relax for your holiday


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Favignana Island. Beach and relax for your holiday


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -



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The beautiful island of Favignana, also called the "big butterfly" because of its shape very similar to butterfly wings which can be clearly seen watching from above, is the largest of the Egadi Islands.

It is located 7 km from the west coast of Sicily, more specifically extends into the waters between Marsala and Trapani. Everything here seems to have stopped in time, this is the ideal place for a holiday of sea and relaxation, away from the frenetic pace.

Favignana yet still retains its profile as a place made up exclusively of fishermen, where life flows calm and serene, by the rhythms of nature and the sea.

The island takes its name from the wind Zephyr, a warm wind blowing from the west. It has 33 km of coastline are a very heterogeneous mix: high or low, sandy and rocky beaches, a fine white and pink.

Take a bath in its crystal clear waters is a wonderful experience. In fact, the sea surrounding the island of Sicily has nothing to envy to that of the more publicized Caribbean islands.

The structure of the island is mostly flat and can be easily traversed the length and breadth of cycling. It ┤an island rich with many quarries of tuff, which since the time of the Romans have been exploited to build the majority of housing, both on the island in Sicily.

Favignana is characterized by the presence of the Mediterranean with its unmistakable fragrances. In addition, you can observe many species of birds as special: the harrier, the pelican, the flamingo, the cormorant, the griffin.

But her greatest beauty is represented by the coast and the many gorges, caves and coves where you can enjoy a sea postcard with multiple shades of blue, ranging from turquoise to blue.

The Grotta del Bue Marino, once a refuge of the monk seal, has beautiful waters rich in fish. Here and ┤can do boat tours around the island and for beautiful diving relying on various specialized diving centers diving.

One of the most famous beaches of the whole island is Cala Rossa from the depths of unique and mysterious. The shades of turquoise sea are reflected on the white walls of tufa creating wonderful shades of blue.

A beach, however, with wonderful pink sand is Cala d┤Azur, located between Punta and Punta Marsala Fanfalo, is characterized by a smooth sea and transparent.

The largest beach is Lido Ravine, a long beach of white sand. Punta Sottile is made fascinating by the presence of solitary and majestic lighthouse from where you can see the sunset the profile of the nearby island of Marettimo.

The island of Favignana is also infamous for the massacre, the ancient technique of fishing for tuna handed down for centuries by fisherman to fisherman.

Between late May and mid-April is the breeding season of tuna, a period in which the schools of tuna follow currents that lead from the cold waters of the ocean to warm the Mediterranean.

The fishermen took advantage of Favignana event at sea preparing a series of networks (tuna), real rooms to catch them.

The fish were pushed with oars, sticks and spears, from room to room, each of which contained less and less water until you reach a dead end so-called "death chamber."

Tuna caught in a quadrilateral of black boats (the muciare) and, now tired and piled one on top of the other, they were harpooned and killed between the deafening noise of banging and fins fluttered on a little water soaked with blood that in a short time innondava everything and everyone.

A practice, that of the massacre, which was heavily criticized both by the nature of the bloody ritual, and especially for the fact that going to hit the tuna right in their breeding period is seriously threatened to exterminate the species.

A centuries-old tradition that had to change, but too many things in the world should be changed, such as the slaughter of baby seals in Canada white or the indiscriminate killing of whales by the Japanese.

However, in Favignana seems that the message has been received, local and regional are all moved in unison toward the protection, respect and preservation of tuna.

Especially the awareness and sensitivity of fishermen has changed, aware that by continuing to those rhythms soon would not have caught anything.

The trap has worked at full capacity until a short time ago, then for the influx of tuna always less was closed and abandoned. Today it houses a museum where it traces the folklore but bloody ritual of tuna fishing with pictures and documents of the period.

Getting to Favignana is very simple, there are many options: plane charter flights from major Italian cities, or with direct flights to Palermo and from there by bus to Trapani and then by ferry or hydrofoil to the island. Or by boat from the port of Naples.

The island is becoming very popular tourist destination. Depart from all over the world just to visit its natural beauty, though still not overrun by mass tourism.

But we assure you that it has all the credentials to be taken seriously by you as your next holiday destination.

Source: direttanews.it



Isola di Favignana una vacanza tutta mare e relax









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