Warehouses Contemporary Art Trapani
Warehouses Contemporary Art Trapani
Warehouses Contemporary Art Trapani


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Warehouses Contemporary Art Trapani


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -



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It opens Friday, December 7, at the Warehouse of Contemporary Art Trapani , the exhibition Alfabeta , by Pia Marchingiglio.
The paintings on display at the historical center of Trapani , one for each grapheme of our alphabet, form the last series of works the artist Trapani. The artist assumes the theme of the alphabet in order to offer multiple suggestions: it starts from the observation of seriality to express the concept of a becoming, through reflection on combinatorics through which 21 small signs (letters, as well as paintings ) are able to evoke the deepest feelings of our being (love the sense of infinity). But the choice of the alphabet is also a clear reference to the constituent components, a reflection that has the center of his own investigating the elements that distinguish us as human beings. This reference to the origins, this peer through the ancestral is still present in our daily experience, is expressed through the style which characterizes the works of this series: the predominant tones are in fact red ocher and black, the colors used for construction of the first graffiti. Add to this the choice of subjects evoked by the use of repeated symbols, like the sounds of the mantra, which the artist shares with the intention of generating a spiritual transformation in the observer. This process of transformation through the pathos that the works of Pia Marchingiglio are able to generate is the key to the last exposure: Alfabeta, in fact, results in a series of paintings that can seduce and art lovers the uninitiated, with the use of a composite structure that nods to pop culture but which adapts the principles to the emerging needs of our time.

Pia Marchingiglio was born in Trapani in 1965, the city where he lived until 1983, when she moved to Rome where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts - then headed by Toti Scialoja - earning a bachelorīs degree in Painting. During the years of attendance at the Academy, he received commissions for the realization of both paintings from private companies (including all the Banca Popolare di Milano). In this period he exhibited in various occasions in various arts and cultural organizations located throughout the country: Gallery Ripetta Establishments and former Peroni in Rome, Biblioteca Comunale di Perugia, Centro Cultural Services of the City of Trapani, since December 2003, has again started to show with the staff held at the windmills of San Cusumano, Erice sea. August of 2006 is the exposure to the former Convent of San Carlo, in Erice. The last show in December 2010, on the occasion of the staff "Two coats of paint (... and other useful tips)" sponsored by the Foundation Easter 2000, who found in the splendid church of the artists in the historic center of Trapani.

The Gallery of Contemporary Art Store Trapani was born in 2008 from an idea by Antonio Sammartano and Franco Mazzucchelli.
The activities that have taken place since its foundation meant that the Stores of Contemporary Trapani were imposed on the territory as an art gallery that is limited to being merely physical space, but as a genuine agora in which to promote and encourage the flow of ideas and to create cultural stimuli. The founders have pursued, always, to promote, plan and organize cultural and artistic events that saw the active involvement of the population, by enabling collaborations with artists, critics, galleries and other cultural associations or Italian and international interested in the aesthetic forms of art contemporary. To bridge the gap that sometimes separates people from various spheres of expressions of contemporary art, the promoters of the gallery have, over time, developed a format that arises as a direct bridge between its visitors, art and its protagonists stimulating a continuous dialogue with the artists to explore through conversation all the dimensions in which the art of our time is manifested: the genesis of a work to the stylistic evolution of individual artists, until you get to reflections on the contamination of expressive languages .

Card analytical event:

Show: Alfabeta
Location: Warehouse of Contemporary Art
Address: Via Custonaci, 5 Trapani
Opening: December 7, 2012, 19:00
Period: From December 7 to December 21, 2012
Hours: Daily 17:00 / 20:30
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 / 13:00 and 17:00 / 23:00

Curator: Alfonso Valentino Casalini
web site: http://www.magazziniartproject.com/ita/home
Contact: magazzinidellarte.trapani @ gmail.com

Rating: 5


Pia Marchingiglio exposes the Stores Contemporary Art in Trapani
From December 7th kicks off the exhibition "Alfabeta" Pia Marchingiglio the historic center of Trapani.
Reviewed by Luca Sciacchitano the











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