Shell museum in Favignana
Shell museum in Favignana
Shell museum in Favignana


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Shell museum in Favignana


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -



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Zu 'Ndria: "Bad, bad fish, seaweed and shells we catch!
Toh! It 'is photo on' Stella di Mare is! Then let the boat that I carry it to my friend.
Are you coming too? He opened a museum of shells! "

Oh well, a starfish: clik!
However, very beautiful, has a diameter of 40 cm: beautiful fleshy arms, nice ...

And we went to see 'I'm Museum: shells?
It will be the usual display for tourists, I thought, annoyed.

Amazingly, however: inaugurated in Favignana (TP) the September 11, 2010, the house museum of shells is a treasury of knowledge, passion and new discoveries. The exhibition of approximately 500 individuals who did not go unnoticed attract incredibly bored even the neophyte, in addition to these 'pieces' collected, cataloged and illuminated in an impressive display cases, they hide thousands more, with a wealth stored in dozens of drawers.

"It's just the tip of the iceberg," confides Sercia Gabriel, cinquantanovenne creator of these 65 square meters of incredible passion.
"This my folly gave me much satisfaction," says the collector, "as it is still in my house in Palermo, in the process of cataloging and restoration.
Here I wanted to make this popular area, designed to explain to tourists and curious as they are interesting and fantastic, never-the-ordinary 'skeletons of molluscs'.
As a child I was irresistibly drawn to the sea, the fascination of marine life.
So I began to collect and keep the shells.
Then, in the '80s, the great entomologist Ignazio Sparacio, I served as a teacher and I instrad˛ towards collectors of science. "

Scientific, it is appropriate to say in your office, in the back of the two exhibition halls, a library defiant demonstrates the science behind that passion.
Gabriel did not want to be called a scientist (as a guide is irresistible, full of details and interesting hooks multicultural): we agree to a humble 'subject expert'.
From how to address the issue of tassidermizzazione (dried to preserve mollusc shells) are inclined more to the scientist.

MulticularitÓ: "This is an Eye of Saint Lucia: Gazes tradition of miraculous properties. It comes from the Mediterranean. This too, is very similar, but comes from the Indian Ocean. Even there that dare to support it sull'occhi sick, heal it ... they call it, though, Eye of Shiva ".

Anecdotes and curiosities: one hour visit is not sufficiently comprehensive.

Nautilus, the Devil Fish, Echinoderms (Ricci), Aliotis (abalone), cowries, Neriti, many species, all well-kept and cataloged and presented by a guide super passionate.

"This is the family home, over one hundred years. I wanted to restore it and drle this destination: the top floor I live with my wife, in Palermo, just felt the smell of my collection, but, in Favignana, saw what I created, 'came the heart' ..
On the ground floor exhibition space I created these: I have considered imperative to give a fitting home for this material.
Material that I have personally or others have given me or that I exchanged with other collectors or that I bought during my travels.
I inizato to be seriously in Marina Carini: curiosavo fell between the vessels and waste networks.
Then passion grew and I started to turn the world's seas: Maldives (when I left I felt like crying), Venezuela, Senegal, Madagascar.
It's great to transfer this passion is wonderful to see people who appreciate these things, which is astounding: I saw a lady moved.
These are the satisfactions of life. What more else?
I started working at the bank in 1977.
I am a 'esodato' since July 2010. these 33 years have been a nightmare: an accounting job that I never heard my, I have bled dry of all energy.
My collection has been organized in the 'stolen time': it was my salvation ... "

"I have to thank many people, like Andrea, I often bring valuable gifts.
By the way, the star of the sea ..? "
"I have stolen!", Explodes Zu 'Ndria.












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