TrapanInPhoto 2014 in Trapani
TrapanInPhoto 2014 in Trapani
TrapanInPhoto 2014 in Trapani


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TrapanInPhoto 2014 in Trapani


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -

From: 22/05/2014 - To: 08/06/2014
Place: trapani




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For the fourth consecutive year the association " The Colors Of Life " is organizing the event called " TrapanInPhoto " with well-known speakers in the national panorama photo.

In this event the association proposes several initiatives, including exhibitions, conferences, book presentations and much more.
During the conference will be shown an audiovisual ad hoc reports on the progress that students have made ​​in the territory of the province of Trapani.
The conference will be the conclusion of the photography course “Scatto 2014” and wants to emphasize and enhance the activities , culture and places of our country , in order to stimulate the interpretation of the natural beauty of the world around us .
It starts tomorrow at 19.00. Photo exhibition of participants in the photography course " Taking 2014" at the Library of the Course ; 21.00 Meeting with the author at Pigi Cipelli Diart Museum / San Rocco .

Friday, May 23 : 18.30, presentation of the book "Migrants" Angelo Pitrone ( Editions L´Epos ) at the Library Fardelliana;
21:00, at the Museum Diart / San Rocco video " agenda , a future of hope between truth and art," created by Giancarlo Figuccio in recurrence of the bloody massacres of 1992 . followed by a debate with Dr. Catherine Brignone , Professor Angelo Pitrone , the lawyer Goofy Pappalardo , Archbishop Liborio Palmeri . Moderate : Roberto Manuguerra .

Saturday, May 24 , 10:00 am, at the Library Fardelliana , " Portfolio : instructions for use " by Silvano Bicocchi ;
12.00, at Palazzo De Filippi , opening a photographic exhibition of the collective group Shooting ICDV "The environment violated" ;
17.30 in the Aula Magna of the "Prince of Naples" , will be held the conference " Photography and Territory : Immigration", with P. Cipelli , F. Malavolta , L. Schiavo, S. Bicocchi , P. Pappalardo , G. Figuccio , MC Pope , A. Genovese , Y. Ghebray . Moderate O. Fulco . Followed by the awarding of the photo contest " The environment violated" ;
21.00, at the Church of St. Albert, inauguration photographic installation " Migrants " . Art Director: Giancarlo Figuccio . Photos of Pigi Cipelli , Vito Curatolo and Francesco Malavolta .

Sunday, May 25th , from 09.00 to 12.30, at the Museum Diart / San Rocco , Reading portfolio;
from 17.30 to 18.00 , will meet the jury, composed of P. Pappalardo , S. Bicocchi , P. Cipelli , S. Veneziano , F. Carlisi , M. Bevilacqua , A. Safina ;
The Award Ceremony will take place at 18.00 for the best portfolio ;
at 18:30 , again at the Museum Diart / San Rocco , will host the presentation of the magazine " People Photography" , with Franco Carlisi .

Friday, May 30th , at 21.00, at the Museum Diart / San Rocco , you can watch the documentary film by Alessio Genovese "EU- O13 The Final Frontier".

Saturday, May 31 , at 17:00 at the Museum Diart / San Rocco , space to " build a story" , with Roberto Mutti portfolio ;
21.30, in Piazza San Francesco di Paola , an evening dedicated to the audiovisual. Delivery of the prize to photographic culture "Salvatore Margagliotti" Roberto Mutti . Max and lead Morana Ornella Fulco with the participation of Francesco Gianquinto on sax.
The photographic installation " Migrants " will be open : Monday to Thursday from 17.00 to 20.30 ; from Friday to Sunday from 17.00 to 23.00 .
The exhibitions can be visited during the opening hours of the facilities that house them.

Shows off the program at:
Rakija Piazza San Domenico ,
Piccadilly Street Torrearsa 19
Nmezzulatte Street of the Arts 12
Verses Of Red Vitt. Emanuele 63
Project 27-21 Course Italian 35th
Parisi Footwear Via Torrearsa
Bar Daniel, via Crociferi 13/15
Gelateria "A Spill ", via Torrearsa 101/105
Prestigiacomo Map Mode, Piazzetta Cuba 2
Fabio Martorana , via Torrearsa 49
The bar in the middle, away 30 January 9th .

Sites of the events in Trapani :
Church St. Albert - Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
Museum Diart / San Rocco - Street Turretta 12 ( corner square Locatelli )
Fardelliana Library - Largo San Giacomo , 18
Prince of Naples - Piazza Generale Scio
Library Del Corso - Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 61
Palazzo De Filippi - Largo San Francesco di Paola












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