2017 Cous Cous Fest in San Vito lo Capo
2017 Cous Cous Fest in San Vito lo Capo
2017 Cous Cous Fest in San Vito lo Capo


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2017 Cous Cous Fest in San Vito lo Capo


Written by Luca Sciacchitano -

From: 15/09/2017 - To: 24/09/2017
Place: san vito lo capo




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A great edition of the Cous Cous Fest of 2017 is anticipated because it is the one that celebrates the twenty years of successes at San Vito Lo Capo.

It was back in 1997 when some entrepreneurs decided to set up tourism to create something that was linked to one of the most famous food and wine culture in western Sicily: cous cous.

Cooked in the world with other typical ingredients that deserve to be known to us, these protagonists of local cuisine have invented an international contest among the chefs of Italy and the world, in order to enjoy the cous cous in his most declinations unthinking and curious.

From that moment on, Cous Cous Fest has grown from year to year and has become one of the largest Italian food and wine events, capable of attracting thousands of people in the beautiful and beautiful town of San Vito lo Capo.

In 2016, the year of the attendance record, more than 35,000 people were recorded in just one day, and this year´s goal is to exceed the 2016 figures.

The premises are all due to the rich program of shows that the organizer, the Feedback studio of Palermo, has devised.
The Houses of the Cous Cous will be set up along the streets of San Vito Lo Capo and the beach, where every day from 12.00 to 24.00 you can buy tickets for € 10.00. These coupons will serve you to taste the over 30 varieties of Cous Cous chefs prepare for the various cooking shows.

It is not only of skilled Italian and international catering professionals, but also of the characters of the show world who, for a day, dress up as chef´s chefs in fanciful recipes with cous cous.

On Friday, September 15, at 13.00, Sonia Peronaci, founder of the famous "Yellow Saffron" cooking blog, will be preparing a cake tortilla with maize and rice couscous, while in the late afternoon at 6pm he will prepare a cous cous with mussels fried and shrimp biscuits.

Do not miss the race that every night is in the Italian cous cous championship. Particular attention is paid to young chefs under 30 who will challenge in a tasty cous cous race.

In the afternoon of September 15, the chef Palermitano Natale Giunta will prepare a smoked bacon with ricotta, datterino water, olive oil and roasted cous cous.

The cooking shows and the Italian cous cous championship will end on Sunday, September 17, with the final among the chefs who will have passed the jury of experts, this year presided over by one of the most fearsome Masterchef judges, Joe Bastianich.

The same Bastianich will, in the evening of Saturday, September 23 in the Shrine Plaza, will also be a frontman for the folk-blues-rock group of the Ramps.

And this brings us to the musical aspect of Cous Cous Fest with all the concerts and shows organized in Santuario Square or on the beach.
It starts on Friday, September 15, at 22.30 with Jarabe de Palo, a famous Spanish group led by Pau Donès; a captivating Latin rock with which to perform their most famous pieces.

September 16 is the turn of Levante, a popular singer-songwriter of Sicilian origin.

On Sunday, September 17th, will stage Nino Frassica, who will sing and dance and, exceptionally, dress up as a chef to make his cous cous recipe to the public.

On Monday, September 18, Mario Venuti, a famous singer and guitarist in Sicily, will be in concert to present his album, just released "Motor of Life".

On Tuesday 19th September will be Niccolò Fabi on stage with his busy Italian tour and the star of a lousy event.

Wednesday, September 20 is the turn of Fabrizio Moro, reduced by the successes of Sanremes and the jury of the talent "Friends of Maria De Filippi", the artist will present his latest achievements to the public of San Vito lo Capo.

Friday, September 22, will be the breathtaking scenes the most "in" singer of the moment. Francesco Gabbani, reduced the victory at the Sanremo Festival with his Occidentalis Karma and the remarkable record of 81 million views of the track on youtube.

Great Final Saturday, September 23 with one of the most fearsome Masterchef judges, Joe Bastianich. Already chair of the cous cous world championship jury president, in the evening he will go on stage to dress the frontman of the Ramps group.

Cous Cous Fest will host the talk show that will animate a few early nights in the Shrine Square so that you can discuss and deepen the day´s events or debate on topical issues.

Thursday night at 9.30 pm talk show hosts by Andy Luotto and Paola Chiavetta will be journalist Ninni Ravazza, entrepreneur Manfredi Barbera, journalist Roberto Giacobbo and several chefs.

The evening will end with dances at the beach with dj Samuel.

Sunday evening at 9.30 pm in Santuario Square for the closing ceremony of the event and at 22.30 Paolo Migone will bring all of them into the show Cous Cous Live Show, giving everyone an appointment in 2018 with an even richer edition.











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