All restaurants in in erice
All restaurants in in erice
All restaurants in in erice


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Hotel al Ritrovo  TrigranaBB

Transfer san vito lo capo - Pagoto Tour  First English


Appartamenti Trapani





Al Quartiere Spagnolo







Porta Spada - 91016 Erice




La Rustichella







Piazza della Loggia, 13 - 91016 Erice

Menu from € 15,00

La Rustichella was created to satisfy the needs of everybody who is looking for the typical gastronomic specialities of Sicilian cookery. Typically Sicilian hospitality, cordial welcome, wide range o ...



Hotel Trapani Inn


Agriturismo Vultaggio Noleggio Favignana

Appartamenti Trapani Mare BeB Margherita


Scuola inglese Trapani



Frutti di Mare al Chiosco







Via Enea, 47 - 91016 Pizzolungo (TP)

A small kiosk by the sea sells the freshest seafood. Possibility to taste them on the spot raw or just burst on the seashore with a nice glass of fresh wine and homemade bread. An excellent alternat ...



La Pentolaccia







Via G.F. Guarnotti, 17 91016 Erice (TP)

Menu from € 25,00

The restaurant “La Pentolaccia” was born in Erice, a typical medieval suburn in the province of Tapani, in 1968. The structure site inside an ancient convent built between the 1612 and the 1617. Up to ...



Viale Conte Agostino Pepoli, 53 - 91016 Erice

La Sirena di Sansica
Via Lungomare 45 - 91016 Bonagia

Ristorante Buon Ricordo
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 63

Massimo Ristorante
Piazza Porta Trapani - 91016 Erice

Gli Archi di san Carlo
Via San Carlo, 10 - 91016 Erice (TP)

Monte San Giuliano
Vicolo S. Rocco, 7 - 91016 ERICE (TP)

Terrazza dell'Hotel Elimo
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 75

Osteria di Venere
Via Roma, 6

Ristorante Fontanarossa
Ristorante Fontanarossa, strada provinciale 31, TP

Belvedere San Nicola
C.da San Nicola





Hotel Cala di Ponente San Vito lo Capo  Hotel Trapani Divino

Ristorante Trapani  Hotel al Ritrovo


Appartamenti Trapani

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