Favignana beaches: 9 solutions for all tastes.
Favignana beaches: 9 solutions for all tastes.
Favignana beaches: 9 solutions for all tastes.


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Favignana beaches: 9 solutions for all tastes.




Written by Luca Sciacchitano


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Favignana is called the butterfly of the Mediterranean because of its shape reminiscent of this elegant flying creature. And, like a butterfly, the island has settled in the stretch of sea off the city of Trapani, ready to welcome those who wish to experience relaxing holiday experience focused on quality bathing.

In fact, totally surrounded by the sea, Favignana has beaches, coves and rock formations to suit anyone.
Whether you prefer sand, rocks or diving, in Favignana, you will find the "sea" that suits you.

In this article we will see the 9 most beautiful beaches of Favignana.

1) Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa is undoubtedly the most beautiful seaside resort of Favignana, and the most renowned. The portal Skyskanner has crowned it the most beautiful beach in Italy.
Located on the northeastern tip of the island, Cala Rossa (Red Cove) takes its name from the red blood of the Carthaginians during the Punic war that, legend has it, was so abundant as to colour the sea and the rocks red.
This is not a sandy beach but a rocky cove but still allows you to swim and be able to spend the day between sunbathing and relaxation.
The crystal clear waters and the excellent water of the bay make this a must see during your holiday in Favignana.
Reaching it by land could be tiring because of a steep path.

2) Cala Azzurra

The best stretch of sandy beach (at least, the most famous part) is Cala Azzurra (Sea-blue Cove).
Situated also to the east, but on the opposite side of Cala Rossa, in the South, this beach is a mixture of sand and rocks that will fascinate and conquer. The colour of the sea gave the name to this beach and, once you arrive on site, you will understand why!
The beach, lying to the south is quite sheltered from the winds, has shallow waters and is easily accessible by bike.

3) Lido Burrone

(Foto Laura Tenebrosi)

Also in the South, but situated more towards the centre of the island there is the sandy beach of Lido Burrone. Here, too, the ubiquitous blue characterizes the inviting sea.
Sheltered from the wind, with shallow sea and sandy beach, Lido Burrone, unlike the previous two beaches, is fully equipped and you can rent chairs and umbrellas.

4) Calamoni

A few hundred metres from Lido Burrone, to the west is Calamoni, a small beach suitable for families with children, as it is very sheltered and safe. Its geological structure means that, here and there some rocks surface from the sea, making it particularly varied and pleasing to the eye. Here, you can choose either a sandy beach, or a rocky cove from which to enter the sea.

5) Praia

(Picture from Wikipedia)

In the centre of the town, next to the former Florio Tuna Fishery, now converted into a museum complex, there is a small beach called "Praia". With a shallow sea and sandy beach, it is an ideal location as it allows you to be in the city yet on a beach. With all the beaches and bays of Favignana we do not really advise this beach unless you want a quick, easy swim.

6) Cala Rotonda

On the southwest tip of Favignana, Cala Rotonda is very sheltered and suitable for bathing. The arch made in the rocks caused by natural erosion is very characteristic. This arch, called Arco di Ulisse, gives the inlet a touch of individuality. It is composed of several sandy coves and beaches and caves that can reached by swimming.

For diving Lovers? 3 daring solutions!

7) Punta Fanfalo

(foto di www.bandw.it)

With its 8 metres above the sea, Punta Fanfalo is a choice that will leave you breathless. Not far from Cala Azzurra, this cape will fascinate with both the thrill of the jump, and because the waters are so clear that you will be able to see the bottom, despite the depth at that point being of several metres.

8) Perciata Cave

The Perciata cave boasts a height of about 3 metres above sea level.
Located in the south, between Punta Fanfalo and Lido Burrone, it owes its name precisely to a cave that was excavated (in fact, called Perciata) on the cliff by the sea and that, subsequently lost its roof, thus creating a bridge of stone. Besides being able to dive, the Perciata cave is also a cove where you can relax in the sun.

9) Scalo Cavallo

(Foto sicilia.cosavedere.net)

With its 10 metres in height, Scalo Cavallo is heaven for the daredevils of Favignana.
The place is very suggestive thanks to the presence of some tuff quarries tuff that characterize the place and a creek, for the less adventurous, from where it is possible to bathe in safety and comfort.

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Happy holidays and as we say in our country ... ´SSABBINIRICA!

(First picture by Vincenzo B.)










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