San Vito lo Capo: 6 reasons to visit the town
San Vito lo Capo: 6 reasons to visit the town
San Vito lo Capo: 6 reasons to visit the town


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San Vito lo Capo: 6 reasons to visit the town




Written by Luca Sciacchitano


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San Vito lo Capo wins lots of awards every year. Much of its success is undoubtedly due to the beach and the sea, which is unique and inimitable in whole Mediterranean.

But San Vito lo Capo has also managed to reinvent itself over the past decades, transforming itself from a fishing village to one of the most important tourist resorts in western Sicily thanks to skilful planning and clear objectives by the administrations that have governed it.

 In this article we look at 6 reasons to visit San Vito lo Capo

1 - Events
There are many events that occur every year in San Vito Lo Capo, first of all the famous Cous Cous Fest, the key event in the long and important summer programme. An event which is not only gourmet, but that is first and foremost about the delicate issue of integration of populations; preceded and followed by important appointments for everyone, from the youngest to the most seasoned. This year, among the several events organized, visitors and tourists were able to appreciate the "Costa Gaia" gathering, the colorful International Kite Festival, the San Vito Jazz festival with the participation of internationally renowned jazz musicians and, keeping within the music theme, the free concerts of Pino Daniele and Irene Grandi.

(Cous Cous Fest - Picture from

2 - Nature
Still staying within the theme of events, we must mention the beauty of the area that each year tourists continue to be impressed by. San Vito Lo Capo, in fact, stands in a valley with clear blue sea on one side and lush fauna and characteristic rocks on the other. Suggestive, therefore, are the paths that you can walk, cycle and horse ride along, as well the splendid climbs that you do in aforementioned steep areas. Not surprisingly, the program of events includes disciplines such as climbing, mountain-biking, trail running, kayaking, horseriding, climbing and triathlons.

3 - Beaches
For yet another year, the municipality of San Vito Lo Capo has won the "Five Sails", the highest award for quality and service at the beach awarded by the Blue Guide of Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club. The award recognizes the important places that have been able to offer dream, quality holidays, thanks to the eco-sustainable management, the clean, clear water, the cleanliness of the beaches and the services offered to beach-goers. Specifically, it must be remembered that San Vito is also equipped to allow disabled paople to enjoy a wonderful day of sea and sun thanks to the presence of specifically designed services.
The protection and enhancement of the beaches is front and foremost in the programme of events and, the results in terms of tourism can easily be seen: the municipality has seen an increase of about 70 per cent of foreign visitors as compared to last year .

4 - Welcome
Those who come to San Vito receive impeccable 360° hospitality whether it be food or accommodation. The hotels in San Vito lo Capo and holiday homes are strategically located to offer peace of mind to visitors, without the danger of crowds and noise, but at the same time within walking distance of Pizza Santuario, Via Venza, Piazza Marinella and the beach, the most important areas in which events are held during the summer. The prices are varied and for all budgets, without precluding comfort to those who choose a more economical solution. The food – an aspect that we will explore further- deserves a special mention.

5 - Food
Any self-respecting beach resort must be able to offer its visitors local, typical fresh fish dishes. Moreover, the Trapani area is famous for its saltpans, for its tuna fisheries and its fishing industry. In this view, San Vito stands out as the ideal place to savour not only the fish specialties - including the unique and delicious tuna products such as "tunnina", "ficazza", "ovo ri tunno", etc. but all other Sicilian products, ranging from appetizers to desserts: see for example the “sarde allinguate” or “a beccafico”, the caponata, the chick-pea fritters, the breaded cutlets, Siclian cassata, cannoli and "spinci". Another feature is the main dish already mentioned at the beginning, namely the delicious cous cous, traditionally prepared with fish but that can also be prepared with vegetables, meat and can even be eaten sweet.

(Fish Cous Cous - Picture from Hotel Mediterraneo)

6 - Culture
In a town so popular with visitors from all over the world, the culture can not be missed. This has been worthily represented for as long as 15 years by the literary festival "Books, authors and bougainvillea", where meetings with some of the most important Italian writers are held. The exhibition curated by writer and journalist Giacomo Pilati from Trapani, the author of successful books such as “Le Siciliane”, “Minchia di re” e “Sulla punta del mare”, saw the presentation of works by the beautiful and talented Selvaggia Lucarelli, by the Director of Tg 4 Mario Giordano, by Caterina Chinnici, Silvia Avallone, Oliviero Beha, Vladimir Luxuria and many other well-known personalities.










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